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Archbishop Michael Miller has given a permission for simple reception of Holy Communion outside of the Mass as long as it follows the new BC Health Order and safety guidelines.

We will continue giving Holy Communion until the churches are reopened, starting Sunday, Dec. 20th.

At St. Clare of Assisi, we will make this available to all who register in the same manner as we did for attending Mass in the last few months.

Communion is open to those who either watched live streamed Mass already OR did a spiritual preparation for Holy Communion on their own. (A Spiritual Guide how to prepare yourself – Download File).

  1. You must register online for each day and particular time slot you intend to come to our Church for Holy Communion.
  2. Register only one person from your family (from your “bubble”). For example, if there is a family of four coming to receive Communion, please register online only one person (NOT four). This is not a regular service so we do not need to get the names of all attending. This way more people can receive the Body of Christ.
  3. Only one person or one family (the same bubble) can enter the church at the same time. Upon entering the building, sanitize your hands and wear a mask.
  4. Please proceed to a priest station for Holy Communion.
  5. Upon receiving the Bread of Life, please leave immediately by another door and go back to your car. You can make your thanksgiving back at home.
  6. Please leave the parking lot immediately, as per BC ORDER, we cannot have more than 50 cars for so called “drive through”.

Please be aware that you won’t be able to stay in the church for a personal prayer as we are not allowed to have groups in church. This will be simple in and out.

Distribution of Communion ends at 11:45 on Sunday

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