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I believe that most of you have already heard that as of July 1st there is no limit on church gatherings for the Mass. It is a wonderful news and I want to take a moment to explain what that means for us at St. Clare of Assisi.

  • As of July 1st there is no registration and no limit for the Mass attendance. There is no need to check in at the entrance of the church.
  • We have closed the Parish Hall Masses and will focus on our regular services in the church only.
  • There is no more social distance required in the church.
  • Masks are recommended but not mandatory.
  • During the Mass we are back to singing and all choir members are welcome back.
  • Altar servers are welcome.
  • We will discontinue the Act of Spiritual Communion at the end of mass.
  • The collection during the Mass is not available yet. Please drop your envelope as you enter the church to the designated boxes.
  • For Sign of Peace we go back to whatever is customary at St. Clare. A nodding with your head is preferred for the time being.
  • For Communion we will go back to having as it was, after The Lamb of God … Not after the Mass. For those who want to receive Communion on the tongue, they are asked to be the last in line to receive communion from the priest. He will NOT give communion on the tongue until the end.
  • We will continue to do livestreaming daily and Sunday Masses for the sick and homebound, no changes.
  • As of July 10th there will be no more dispensation from attending Sunday Masses. In other words, all Catholics are obliged to attend Sunday Mass. That said, our Archbishop Miller will provide some information about who is still exempt from coming to church next week.
  • Confessions will be heard Monday to Saturday before the Mass at 8:45 am and right after the Mass if there is someone in the line up only. Saturday confessions after 9 am Mass for all the parishioners. Please note there is no set end time as it depends on the number of people in the line.
  • We will continue confessions in the Children’s Room.


  We are moving forward and it may take us time to adjust to the new reality so let us be patient and understanding for the next few weeks. Thank you for your cooperation. See you in the church! We have prayed for your well being and now we can continue to pray together!

Fr. Maciej