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CO-ORDINATOR - Parish Centre

CO-ORDINATOR – Parish Centre

St. Clare’s parish has recently constructed a new church enabling it to change the temporary church facility into a multi-use parish centre. In order to achieve this, the parish council has decided to employ a co-ordinator to oversee the use and needs of this repurposed facility.

It is intended to develop and adapt the position of co-ordinator as the parish begins to envision new possibilities for the centre. This job description lays out the position as we presently see it; realizing the position will change as the use increases. Therefore this job description will be reviewed and possibly rewritten in six months and again after one year.

The position of co-ordinator for the St. Clare’s parish centre involves overseeing all aspects of parish centre. As both the position and possibly the person will be new to the parish operation, the first year will require considerable organization and networking within the parish and the extended community.

REPORTING: The co-ordinator reports to the Pastor or individuals whom he delegates.

REVIEW: This agreement and job description will be reviewed in six and twelve months from the date of signing.

Compensation: The position will commence with a maximum of 20 hours a week at a salary do be discussed. This will be reviewed at six months.

The Facility: The parish centre is intended to be a multi-purpose facility serving primarily the needs of the parish community. It will also serve as a rental facility open to the general public. It is intended that at all times the centre will demonstrate its relationship to the parish and function in ways that are consistent with the practices and procedures of a dynamic Catholic faith community.

The Co-ordinator: The parish centre co-ordinator will oversee all scheduling and security and will work within the present janitorial and maintenance structure. The co-ordinator should have a clear understanding of acceptable business practices in relationship to church teachings and will consult in advance with the pastor regarding any unusual requests for rentals.

1. Budget:
• The co-ordinator will:
• develop a budget covering the first year of operation and present it to the parish council for approval no later than two months from the start of employment.
• meet with the individuals contracted for janitorial and maintenance in order to have the three services coordinated.
2. Facility Use:
• Parish ministries and parish groups
• The co-ordinator will:
• support that the primary use of the facility will be for St. Clare’s Parish requiring a coordination that respects the various ministries and groups,
• oversee the coordination of all facility use including but not limited to the scheduling, set up and take down for meetings, practices, events, weddings, funerals, and other as directed.
• prepare within the first three months written guidelines, approved by the parish council, for all parish ministry groups using the facility including any costs associated with use.
• understand that all parish groups and ministries using the facility must be approved by the pastor.
• Rentals
• The co-ordinator will:
• present to the parish council, within two months, a policy for rental including written guidelines and contract. The contract must adhere to the Archdiocesan policy regarding insurance for third party groups not covered under the Archdiocesan insurance.
• insure the rental agreement cover all areas including: insurance, damage deposit, kitchen, sound system and equipment.
• encourage, through regular communication and networking, responsible use and care of the facility
• work within the present arrangement with the pre-school tenant and recommend any changes to the parish council.

3. Security and safety:
• The co-ordinator will:
• be responsible for the security of the building and will monitor all areas to ensure safe use.
• inspect the property on a regular basis to ensure safety, cleanliness and attractiveness.
• ensure that the facility meets all requirements of the building code and has established procedures for handling, storing, safekeeping, and destruction of any hazardous materials.
• serve as the primary contact for facility related emergencies, which may require evening and weekend work.
• oversee the distribution, security and collection of keys according to the guidelines approved by the parish council. It is expected that individuals who receive a key/access will sign a form
• manage a key/access form that would include a signature when issued access.
4. Other
• The co-ordinator will:
• maintain records regarding use by parish groups, rentals, maintenance service and vendors.
• arrange for the janitorial service when the facility is not in use. Additional janitorial service should be built into each rental contract and would include kitchen, hall and washrooms.
• consult with the maintenance service regarding any concerns.
• develop and maintain a relationship with all contractors and vendors ensuring efficient facility operations.
• encourage the use of parish volunteers where feasible
• keep an accurate inventory of all tools and equipment as well as a file for ordering parts and supplies when needed.

5. The co-ordinator will attend any staff or parish council meetings as requested.

It is expected that the co-ordinator:
• will understand and support the Church’s mission and core values.
• possesses the ability to execute projects systematically and will have a basic knowledge of MS Office or equivalent
• will demonstrate strong interpersonal skills
• will have a strong relationship to the Church as a caring, compassionate and active community.
• will have experience working in a collaborative environment
• possess good organizational and communication skills
• will be self motivated and willing to serve