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Prayer through the intercession of
Blessed Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan

O God of goodness and kindness, we
thank you for inspiring Blessed Francis
Mary of the Cross Jordan with a profound
love and knowledge of You, the one true
God and Jesus Christ, whom You have
sent to be our Divine Saviour. We implore
the fire of your Spirit to enflame all the
baptized to be apostles in mission for the
salvation of all people everywhere. We
invoke the intercession of Blessed Francis
Jordan, for our own personal intention
of……………………, May he accompany us
at significant and challenging moments in
our lives. And if it be Your will, may he be
recognized as a persevering and faithful
saint whose apostolic life manifested
Your strength shining through his human
weakness. We pray with trust in your
Divine Providence. Amen.

Bleesed Francis Jordan is the Founder of the religious priests known as Salvatorians that  serve in our Parish, St. Clare of Assisi

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