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St Clare of Assisi Catholic Parish

2888 Delahaye Drive, Coquitlam

Important Parish Announcements

Online Offertory Available

In order to help you facilitate the offertory for St Clare parish, The Archdiocese has an Online Offertory to facilitate one time or pre-authorized monthly or weekly giving through direct debit or credit card donations.

Select St Clare of Assisi Offering from the drop down list.

Attend Mass

Dr. Bonnie Henry announced that all Public Health Orders for Religious Services have been lifted as of July 1. This means that as of Thursday, July 1, all of our Churches can have Mass without restrictions for attendance. It also means there is no need for registration or contact tracing information to be gathered or kept.

Feel free to join us for the Eucharist anytime! Our Mass schedule as without any change Saturday 5 pm, Sunday 8.30am 11am and 5 pm.
A quick reminder, our church is air conditioned!

We are looking to see you in the church!
Fr. Maciej

Online Mass Available

Watch St Clare parish weekly Sunday Mass and Daily Morning Mass on our YouTube Channel or on FaceBook. Live Streaming Daily Mass at 9:00am Monday to Friday, Sunday Mass 5:00pm on Saturday. Masses will be available for viewing any time after these times.

Project Advance

This year’s appeal will continue to provide life-changing programs that support:

  • the work of evangelization, charities, ministries
  • as well as building new secondary schools that nurture our young people
  • the unique needs of your parish

You can build on the good of what was achieved and continue to innovate.

Please make sure you Select St Clare of Assisi Offering from the drop down list.

Project Advance 2021
Our Way Forward

Stewardship in the eye’s of God

Success in the eyes of God is not about the quantity or quality of our material goods. Instead, it’s about how we use these goods: do they move us closer to God, or are they an obstacle? God calls us to share what we have to help others. By providing support for many different ministries of the Church, Project Advance offers everyone a chance to exercise Christian stewardship. Thank you so much for your support.

Children’s Liturgy

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Becoming Catholic

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Confession Schedule

New Schedule due to Covid

Parish Religious Education Program

For Children Grades 1 thru 7


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